New Lewis & Clark Tea Party Patriots Leader Announces

Greg Broemling is the new Leader of the Lewis & Clark Tea Party Patriots.

Chair :  Greg Broemling


Future Candidate Workshop

Future Candidate Workshop

Robert Arnakis

Team Manager WDC Leadership Institute

Robert Arnakis, Team Manager WDC Leadership Institute

Robert Arnakis, Team Manager WDC Leadership Institute

His 15 years of experience in grassroots organizing and developing campaign, fundraising, and communications strategies has established Robert as one the country’s top political trainers. Last cycle, 179 first time candidates who were trained through Robert’s programs were elected to office, including seven freshmen members of the United States Congress.

Robert has served as campaign staff on two presidential races, several congressional races and a multitude of municipal and legislative campaigns. His favorite campaign was working on U.S. Senator John Thune’s 2004 campaign. Robert helped lead the GOTV efforts which resulted in the defeat of former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

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contact address

L C Tea Party

601 3rd St #411

Clarkston, Wa 99403

Trip to Boise


See this months newsletter for great info about our trip!!!

UN Agenda 21

Click here to watch Rosa on Glenn Beck’s August 1, 2012 show: Focus on UN Agenda 21

Take heart, you’re not alone!  Make sure you read:


Wake up America!

It is time to stop the welfare state; it is time to put people back to work.  It is time to undo the EPA.  This will not happen overnight.  WE are looking beyond 2016 before economic recovery is seen in the horizon.  This will happen as we continue to monitor WDC (Washington DC).  WE NEED NEW LEADERS and helpers!  Please step up and come to the re-organization meeting at Rooster Landing Next SATURDAY NOV 10th.    At 12:30.  After the Veterans Parade.

Come and be a part of ideas for the future.  Bring your thoughts and ideas.    Thanks for being more than a lonely voice.  Be a part of a bigger picture.

New newsletter and upcoming film!

There’s a brand new newsletter up on the site along with information regarding the next documentary we will be showing on October 24th!