L C Newsletter  JAN 15th

Hello Friends

The Trip to Boise, provided by contributors

Thank you, Moffit Bros. of Lostine Oregon for a fabulous and comfortable ride to Boise.

Saying NO! To Exchanges.

While in Boise, debates and meetings with Senators were set up.  We set in a healthcare debate on Monday Morning with 400 people.  Exchanges are mainly “smoke and mirrors”.  The agenda of the Federal Government is to make everything sound “Rosy”.   The cost is not in Black and white, as it can’t be because there will not be enough tax payers paying into the Federal health care to make Healthcare affordable.  Like most countries with Social medicine we will become less cared for while it costs more in taxes.  At this point: $2,000 per person and $ 2,000 per hired employee thru work.  These numbers have also been put out from the federal Government.

Senator Dan Johnson and Rep Thyra Stevenson, made a 3 hour blocked out appointment to talk to us about this issue.  Dan Johnson stated ‘I will do what is best for the people of Idaho.”  Also they both attended the hearing at the capitol on Healthcare exchanges, given by Dr. Fenwick.  Dr. Fenwick is a born and raised Doctor from Africa who knows about social medicine.  He gives a very convincing talk on not signing onto Exchanges.  I think those elected need to hear from someone who has dealt with social medicine and also know alternatives.  The alternatives are out there. What has been amazing is the Federal Government mandated health care to the states, with a provision that States can set up their own healthcare over three years ago.  States had the time to find state alternatives and time to build a nullification law. Some states are ahead on this.  There are 30 states working on “opting” out.

The State of Idaho leaders are mostly confused on which way to go.  They are waiting for the people to lead them.  The leaders for healthcare exchanges are being bribed by Federal dictators.  Of course, they are saying scaring things like; “no taxes will be paid on this for three years”.   “You have to do this because it is mandated by the Government.”

Conservative groups like the Tenth Amendment group have a plan to opt out, from the state level.  This plan was given to Dan Johnson and Tyra Stevenson.

The American Lands Council also did an exceptional presentation on how the government is destroying our forests and lands, and with this effort will ask for the land to be returned to the States.

Thanks you Patriots for being on the BUS.  You are Great Troupers.  Keep up the work!

Blame the TEA PARTY????

When in WDC, blaming the Tea party and attacking the GOP was status quoi!   The Republicans are chided and mocked by the left when they make public remarks.  In doing so, Dems make the Republicans look like they are listening to the tea party.  This is not true, and no one tells Stories, better then the Elected Dems.  They make excuses for their failures by throwing out “sound bits.”

American’s who support the conservative right need to realize who is marching against the tyrants.

America people have little choice, but to pray and ask the conservative groups to keep working on thesocialist who is undoing America. 

God Bless America and Free Enterprise…while it exists.

There is no Movie night in February.  An open meeting is Saturday Feb. 2rd.  Antonio’s 1407 main St. Lewiston

Freetrade robbing Americans

montana Farm Bureau federation continues to fight for land and water

(the fight for land and water knows no borders or boundries)

L C Newsletter  Oct 15th  

Stories below

  • Social  Security from one of our Government workers..

  • Palestinian authority in the UN

  • Charter Schools and why they are a NO in Washington State


To registar a date/time…call 509 758 3726  this is a simple way to can carry on and help get the message out.


I had hopes that charter school would revitalize Education in America.  While researching and looking at the Washington charter bill, I realized it was another formed Bureaucracy.  Charter schools cannot operate without approval of this National Globalist organization largely funded by Mr. Bill Gates. NACSA.  Review this publication

Grassroots groups who backed charter schools were funded and organized by Bill Gates.  The Gates Foundation.   Establishing alternative forms of governance for certain public schools.’  Is the real name of this bill.  Creating a new bureaucracy.  I do not support the initiative because I feel this is another method to bring children under a one-size-fits-all agenda, only putting it into a different package.  Home School/Private School is the only true form of choice in Education. 

 I find it interesting to see evaluation of education systems, the evealuation of students and evaluation of teachers ALL based upon behavior modification and approaches to control attitudes values and beliefs and NOT ON checking to see if the student has gained any knowledge.  The new method of teaching is adhered to and NOT about transmission of knowledge from teacher to student.  The socratic method of teaching falls more in the line with “constructivism” – children constructing their on view of knowledge.


Have you noticed, your Social Security check is now referred to as a “Federal Benefit Payment”?
I am forwarding it because it touches a nerve in me, and I hope it will in you.
Please keep passing it on until everyone in our country has read it.
The government is now referring to our Social Security checks as a Federal Benefit Payment.
This isn’t a benefit its earned income!
Not only did we all contribute to Social Security but our employers did too. It totaled 15% of our income before taxes. If you averaged $30K per year over your working life, that’s close to $180,000 invested in Social Security. If you calculate the future value of your monthly investment in social security ($375/month, including both you and your employers contributions) at a meager 1% interest rate compounded monthly, after 40 years of working you’d have more than $1.3+ million dollars saved! This is your personal investment.
Upon retirement, if you took out only 3% per year, you’d receive $39,318 per year, or $3,277 per month.
That’s almost three times more than today’s average Social Security benefit of $1,230 per month, according to the Social Security Administration (Google it – it’s a fact).
And your retirement fund would last more than 33 years (until you’re 98 if you retire at age 65)!
I can only imagine how much better most average-income people could live in retirement if our government had just invested our money in low-risk interest-earning accounts.
Instead, the folks in Washington pulled off a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madoff ever did.
They took our money and used it elsewhere. They forgot that it was OUR money they were taking.
They didn’t have a referendum to ask us if we wanted to lend the money to them.
And they didn’t pay interest on the debt they assumed.
And recently, they’ve told us that the money won’t support us for very much longer.
But is it our fault they misused our investments?
And now, to add insult to injury, they’re calling it a benefit, as if we never worked to earn every penny of it.
Just because they borrowed the money, doesn’t mean that our investments were a charity!
Let’s take a stand.  We have earned our right to Social Security and Medicare.
Demand that our legislators bring some sense into our government
Find a way to keep Social Security and Medicare going, for the sake of that 92% of our population who need it.   Then call it what it is:
Our Earned Retirement Income.

Vote Fraud

 Vote NO on any TAX increase. .VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE…GET others to the polls.  Shame them!

 I find it interesting to see evaluation of education systems, the evaluation of students and evaluation of teachers ALL based upon behavior modification and approaches to control attitudes values and beliefs and NOT ON checking to see if the student has gained any knowledge.  The new method of teaching is adhered to and NOT about transmission of knowledge from teacher to student.  The Socratic method of teaching falls more in the line with “constructivism” – children constructing their on view of knowledge.

Palestinian Authority in the United Nations.  

Wonder why they will wait until after the US election    more

United Nations is at our doorstep.  Treaties and Executive orders under a European Global President will harm the US.

If you have not talked to your Federal Elected Congress, do so today.  Tell them to step up and stop this radical administration before it is too late.  We have found that “our”  elected are protected from what is happening to our country.  They do not know until someone shows up on the doorstep.  EPA is a real “stranglehold” and we need to inform Congress on every issue we hear about.  Dept of Homeland Security is also strengthening and building a base for something.   Learn more about this at our next meeting at Roosters on NOV 3rd.

Labrador  208 743 1388

McMorris Rogers  202 225 3392

From Western Washington on GOTV.  You did not volunteer to help precincts so we got people from other states.  To turn around Washington.  I will be going there next week with a car load. Read below  From Tea Party Leader Maureen Sims

Hi Patriots!

What a success the first week was!  (Walking Washington from Thursday to Sunday!)  THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT TURN OUT!

We met so many amazing, energized citizens who flew in from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky…etc!!!

….And it all going to happen again this week! (Thurs-Sunday) 

Some of them are here for the entire 3 weeks, others coming and going, as their schedules permit!

I REALLY encourage you to consider giving a day or two, from Thursday to Sunday…dinner and more fellowship is provided at the end of each day, 7:30.

NO training is needed…you are NOT arguing with anyone!  They really found that ‘the people’ do NOT know much about the election…this personal contact is VERY affective!

WE ARE EDUCATING the people!   As you see, Jenny Beth Martin joined us this past weekend.

If you would like to join us…to FLIP our State, District-by-District, contact Drew at!!

They will tell you where and when to meet the group, then y’all head out…the experienced with the new-comers!!!
IF NOT NOW…WHEN???? From a really enthused, Maureen

Thanks very much Tea party Staff for a Great Idaho Liberty 2 Summit Event.  We are still hearing what a GREAT job you all did. And Vicki Fleshman, Oregon for the Auctoin Items.

Dorothy Moon Stanley Ida. MC for the event.  And the Great people who attended.  Thanks!


One Response to Newsletter

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Most Americans are afraid and stuck. What we seen with “occupy” is that is about all they can do is OCCUPY. However, it has been suggested that they were orcastrated to cause riots, and financed by Soros, who paid for their meals. Who do you know that is also sponsored by SOROS; Barack Obama.
    Where are the Americans who beleive in this country, are they hiding in the hills or are they standing up with Tea party groups?

    Dee Dee

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