Presentation on Common Core by Sharon Hanek


aka Research Mom

Common core speaking event
When: June 8th 3PM
Cost : $10.00
Where: Lewiston Community Center
Address: 621 21st Street Lewiston Idaho

Sharon Hanek is an accountant, community volunteer, wife, and mother who entered politics first as a citizen activist then as a public policy advisor to legislators and the grassroots. Over the past ten years she has spent many hours in Olympia during session testifying on bills and discussing issues with legislators from both sides of the aisle.

Sharon has been a watchdog over education issues for over 20 years. She began by attending meetings, researching publications, and using the “Freedom of Information Act” to gain access to documents. Her research in education led her into the world of fuzzy math, radical environmentalism, the systematic dismantling of social values and the election process.

Not being able to stay quiet about her findings, she began a state-wide speaking tour to educate citizens and advise groups on effective strategies to take back our government. Some of the changes in the assessment system of Washington State and in the teaching of math is a result of concerned parents from around the State becoming involved. She believes that citizens getting involved CAN change our state around and is committed to helping others learn to have a stronger voice in local and state government.

Sharon recently used her statewide “network” to become the first ever Washington State-wide candidate to win a write-in primary election in her bid for the Washington State Office of State Treasurer.



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