Trouble in America

I am in Virginia, and America is in Trouble.

I have been visiting the homes of Madison, and Jefferson and today I stood in the Episcopal Church in Richmond VA, where the Church where the second Continental Congress was held. And where Patrick Henry famously said; “give me liberty or give me Death.”   Virginians are very proud of that statement.

As I sat in this church alone with my husband, I cried and prayed for America.  Patrick Henry was a true Patriot, and knew the sacrifice Americans needed to make.  America has elected people from our States’ that have not fought for States Rights as Patrick Henry did.

Today America is at a perilous crossroads, questioning what we do next.  This country of the people, by the people and for the people must not perish.

As I travel, I find myself in crowds of people who do not know what has happened in these recent days.  Also in the crowd are those who cry out, “What happened?”  I like to say we people are crying out but America is where it is today, because of those who do not know, or do they care.  Healthcare is an industry that is being taken over by the US Government and it will cost the average tax payer over 2,000 dollars a year.

Stay tuned, and we will have more for you in a couple of weeks.



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