Mark Your Calander!

May is initiative signing!

Dates: May 15th and 22nd

When: 11am to 6pm

Where:  Schurmans Hardware

Initiatives available:

  • initiative 1066 Health Insurer freedom ACT
  • I – 1058   Education  (want the right to teach purpose of Governement and protect the Constititution)
  • 1-1059  Right to Protection Act
  • 1-1060 State Sovereignty and Federal Tax Escrow Acct Act
  • I-106l  Sheriff first Act
  • I – 1062 Firearms Freedom Act
  • I-1063 healthCare Freedom Act
  • I- 1064 Constitutional Government Act
  • I-1065 Act to prevent Nontoxic Greenhouse Gas Regulation
  • I- 1066 Health Insurance Freedom Act
  • 1-1056  Stop State Funding of illegal aliens

July 3rd

When: 1pm

Where: Clarkston High School Auditorium


  • Washington State Sen Val Stevens
  • Bruce Saunders St. Joesph’s Hospital Pathology Lab Manager
  • Rick Layton Coordinator of 9/12 Group

Sept 11th

Tax/Gov Protest Rally

Sept. 25th

Power of One Rally

Speaker: Sheriff Mack

visit to read more about him


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