The Patty Murry Comment Explanation

There have been many messages concerning a certain video that was posted with a certain speaker saying we should hang Patty Murry. The speaker then paused and the video cut off her next few words, which were “by vote.”  There was no intention by the speaker to actually hang Patty Murry.  Fellow patriots please accept our apology for any confusion this caused.  We are just everyday people trying to get our community together to make a difference. Mistakes and miss-communications happen and the far left will take what was unintentionally intended and run.  We are all learning and growing from this.  The video was never endorsed by the Lewis and Clark Tea Party Patriots.

Her words were the following:

“How many of you saw the movie Lonesome dove? what happened to Jake? Jake was hung for running with the Wrong Crowd!” Patty murray has been running with the wrong crowd, I would hang Patty Murray by vote. If you would like to see who has contributed or bought off her vote you can see that back at the sign up table, and while there pick up a voter registration form. voting is very important.”


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